Interview with Leandro Soter

Can you present your research during your stay at CY AS?

During my time at CY AS, I interacted mostly with Professeur Nadege Lubin-Germain and her Glycochemistry team. With her team I wrote two book chapters and a review article. From the experimental point of view, important aspects of the proposed synthesis of the 1,2,3-triazolyl-Cnucleosides were also developed (it is expected that an article about such developments will be published soon), opening the path for the expected synthesis of different molecules based on this scaffold.

Does the Fellows-in-Residence program meet your objectives in terms of research and scientific collaboration?

Yes. The proposed experimental goals were achieved, with strengthening of the already existing collaboration. The discussion with the researchers at the laboratory was very fruitful and new deployments unfolding and even new projects will be proposed to specific calls. The immersion provided by the calmness and comfort of the residence was crucial. Focusing on solutions for experimental challenges, writing (the chapters and review) and brainstorming was possible only due to this environment.

Describe your impressions of your experience at CY AS

As put before the calmness and comfort of the residence was very important for the achievements during the stay. Additionally, it was also very convenient due to the proximity with the BioCis laboratory. Unfortunately, the majority of the guest lectures were done remotely, hampering a better interaction with the other guests. At the end of my stay, some presential lectures were possible which were more warming, allowing a better exchange between the guests during lunch and coffee time

What will this research period bring to you and to your home university?

To my home university, some profits from this period will come on a short and medium and long term. On a short term, proposal for the exchange of students on specific thematic calls are being evaluated. On a medium/long term, an agreement project between the universities of CYU and UFRJ is being discussed where a continuous exchange of PhD students and researches can be done. To me the exchange of the experimental expertise of both labs was very important to oxygenate my research at the home university.

Do you have other plans for the future, other destinations in mind?

Coming back will be a great opportunity to continue the project and its unfoldings. The exchange of students on specific european, French and Brazillian calls are being discussed with the aggregation of new partners