Sveva Corrado

Presentation - Sveva Corrado is Associate Professor at the Department of Science (Geosciences Section) at the University  “Roma Tre” in Italy. She got her PhD in Structural Geology from the University “La Sapienza” of Rome in 1993. She then made post doctoral studies at the University of Leeds (UK) where she worked on model validation in fold-and-thrust belts, acquiring most of the quantitative methods of tectonics and structural analysis. In 1995 she got a lecturer position at the University “Roma Tre” where she developed an original approach to validate strutural models in fold-and-thrust belts by means of reconstruction of thermal evolution of sedimentary basins. In 1998 and for further periods between 2000 and 2005, she was invited researcher at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne to work on organic petrograhy and geochemistry issues for Basin Analysis applications. In 1998 Sveva Corrado founded ALBA (The Academic Laboboratory of Basin Analysis, In 2011 she earned a Professorship at “Roma Tre” University where is currectly leading ALBA and teaching courses of Geology and Basin Analysis. In 2016 she was visiting scientist c/o l’IFP Energies Nouvelles, Département Géoressources to work on topics regarding Responsible Hydrocarbons, Energy, Environment, Innovation in oil and gas E&P, European Energy Policies. Professor Corrado co-authored about 100 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and published 3 geological maps. In 2014 and 2018, she received the “Secondo Franchi Award” of the Italian Geological Society for the best article of the years 2013 and 2016. Since 2003, she has also co-organized and co- chaired numerous workshops, conference sessions and PhD schools on her main research topics.

The Laboratory she runs is recognized as one of the most active in Italy for research and training in geohistory of sedimentary basins, but application of thermal maturity of organic matter to other geological issue have been developed. The main research topics developed in the Lab concern:


Research project - Research areas are widespread in various geodynamic settings, active and fossils, all over the world (Italy – Main Cenozoic foreland basins and Mesozoic passive margins deformed in the Apennines and Sicily fold-and-thrust belt; Antartica – Ross Sea; Brazil – Sao Francisco Basin; Namibia – offshore passive margin; Poland – Lublin Basin, Baltic Basin; Spain – Paleozoic Aragon-Bearn Basin, Hecho Basin; Western Pyrenees; Iran – Zagros Mts. (Fars, Dezful Embayement), Mts Alborz; Ukraine – Carpathian fold-and-thrust belt and Podolie foreland; Morocco – Rif orogen; Italy – Northern Latium geothermal area; Argentina – Rosario de La Frontera geothermal area; Portugal (Azores: Fogo, Volcano); Italy - Ercolanum: Vesuvius Volcano; Indonesia - Merapi Volcano; Mexico - Colima Volcano.

In the last five years, Sveva Corrado’s team has been developing a new strategy for the assessment of thermal maturity of organic matter dispersed in sedimentary successions for applications spanning from energy industry to natural risk assessment, integrating also Raman and FTIR spectroscopy.



Steva Corrado