Joshua Skewes

Presentation - Joshua Skewes is Associate Professor of Cognitive Science; Head of Department for Linguistics, Cognitive Science, and Semiotics; and Co-Director of the Interacting Minds Centre, at Aarhus University. He has conducted research on social interaction, sensation and perception, autism spectrum disorder, pain processing, and the philosophy of science. He has degrees in psychology, philosophy, and cognitive neuroscience. His current research is focused on group cognition, social decision-making, and social robotics.

Research project - While at the IAS, Dr Skewes will work closely with Maciej Workiewicz, Assistant Professor of Management at ESSEC business school, to develop theoretical models of how organizations make decisions, learn, and adapt to changing environments. The focus of the project will be on how different forms of group organization and structure can enable or impede a group’s ability to adapt to a changing environment. The specific question of the project will be how, with the same set of individuals, can we best structure a group to respond to and capitalize on change in the world? We will approach this question from a biological basis, and develop new models of group and organizational design inspired by knowledge of neural network structure and neural plasticity from the brain and cognitive sciences.