The first 25 years of AGM and LPTM

28.06.2017 - 30.06.2017

28-30 June 2017

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary since the establishment of the two laboratories, a three-day conference will bring together all members, alumni, doctors honoris causa and former visitors. This event aims at giving an account of the scientific and academic journey of the laboratories and present some recent advances in mathematics anf theoretical physics.

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Speakers :

M Aizenman (Princeton)
A-S. de Suzzoni (Paris)
O. Druet (Lyon)
D. Foster (Coventry)
F. D. Haldane (Princeton)
C. Kenig (Chicago)
N. Kitanine (Dijon)
M. Lewin (Paris)
Y. Martel (Paris)
J. Mourad (Paris)
B. Pausader (Providence)
K. Pravda-Starov (Rennes)
C. Prieur (Grenoble)
P. Raphael (Nice)

Venue :

Maison Internationale de Recherche, Grand Auditorium, Site de Neuville

Scientific Committee :

T. H. Diep, F. Germinet, E. Hebey, F. Koukiou, Ph. Lecheminant, E. Logak. 

Organisers :

Emmanuel Hebey, Flora Koukiou.

Enquires and information:

Sylvie Villemin
sylvie.villemin @


Support for travel and living expenses is available for PhD students: please apply by e-mail to the organisers.