Embedded Microelectronic Systems and Digital Trust

Conference as part of the "Risks, Society, and Security" (R2S) thematic cycle

Lilian Bossuet will give a presentation on the level of trust that we are entitled to expect from microelectronic systems that make up the set of digital tools that we use daily: computers, tablets, smartphones, automotive sensors, etc. He will also provide a list of threats related to this type of material and protection systems that may be implemented to ward off those threats.

Date: March 22, 2017 at 2 PM
Venue: Gendarmerie nationale Judicial Center auditorium (Pôle judiciaire de la gendarmerie nationale, 5 Boulevard de l'Hautil in Cergy (95000))
Public: Open to anyone interested in the "Risks and Security" theme
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Presentation of the subject

Digital trust has become a major issue in recent years with the development and intensive use of embedded electronics, and the current developments in cybersecurity, the Internet of things, and connected objects for all types of applications, which range from the trivial to the most critical (health, transport, energy, etc.).

With the increased complexity, connectivity and mobility of chip-based microelectronics, trust has become a major issue in their development. Trust can take several forms depending on the needs: 
- Trust in the ability of systems to resist attacks against the confidentiality and integrity of data that they process
- Trust in the traceability offered by systems to prevent fraud (counterfeiting) and theft
- Trust in the resistance of their design cycle against malevolent activity (modification of systems and introduction of Trojan horses and other malware).

This presentation will give an overview of the current material threats and the type of protection that can be envisaged.

For information, contact: Olivier ROMAIN (olivier.romain @ u-cergy.fr), University Professor, Head of the architecture team, ASTRE  at the ETIS Laboratory

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