The future of a vulnerable heritage: identify, assess, plan

The thematic cycle for cultural heritage focuses on three interdisciplinary areas related to the new 10-year project Patrima.org:

  • identifying and measuring change in heritage materials;
  • organizing knowledge and identifying gaps to assess future risks to cultural heritage materials
  • preparing forecasts and planning for these risks.



Beatriz Menéndez is « maître de conférences » at the University of Cergy-Pontoise since 2001 and head of the geosciences and environment department. She is a member of the laboratory “Geosciences & Encironnement Cergy” and her research is focused on the relationships between physical properties of rocks and microstructure with mainly two applications: storage in geological environment and weathering of building stones. Concerning the latter she works specifically on weathering by salt crystallization and on the influence of climate change on the durability of monuments. Since her arrival at the UCP she has developed an experimental laboratory on rock weathering and has established national and international relationships with other research centers (LRMH, University of Créteil, Météofrance, University of East Anglia, Alicante, etc.).