National Histories and Minority Narratives at School

15.03.2021 - 15.03.2021

Online conference

The workshop National histories and minority narratives at school is organised jointly with the Centre d'histoire de Sciences PO, within the framework of two initiatives: the interdisciplinary seminar « School history and citizenship education in Europe: what connections? » (Agora laboratory - University of Cergy - ENS), which has been focusing since 2018 the current challenges and "crises" of European history canons, as well as the seminar on « The school teaching of history », organised at Sciences PO since 2011.
The question of national narratives and its transmission is a common dilemma for most contemporary nation-states. Very often, the issue is intertwined with other sensitive political issues ; policy responses differ greatly from case to case.
The study-cases presented provide insights into different patterns of ethnic and religious pluralism and educational governance. This should allow to address both the way « minorities » are defined, and the way
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they fit into a « dominant » narrative. While providing an opportunity for comparative, cross-country insights, the workshop will investigate the contemporary collapse of unifying national narratives from a variety of methodologies and sources: curriculum studies, classroom practices, didactic studies. The aim is to highlight cleavages and common issues, but also patterns of transfer and hybridization.


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