Geothermal Spring School 2020 : POSTPONED

16.03.2020 - 20.03.2020

Venue: Maison internationale de la recherche, Neuville-sur-Oise

In the framework of the European H2020 MEET project, whose objective is to acquire new knowledge on enhanced geothermal systems (« EGS ») and to deploy them on a continental scale in different geological contexts, a working group is being set up to disseminate the results to the scientific and industrial communities and to a wider public. The partners contribute to joint information and dissemination activities to increase the visibility of geothermal projects and the research/industry synergies developed by the MEET project actions.

The Geothermal Spring School 2020 is a condensed educational programme (5 days) aiming at disseminating to a public of future highly qualified professionals general knowledge in geothermal energy and recent results from the European MEET project.

This in-depth training will bring together engineers and scientists involved in the MEET project as well as European students involved in EU-funded geothermal projects, including the 2019-2020 promotion of the CY Cergy Paris Université Master’s programme entitled "Geosciences for Energy". Courses and lectures focusing on practical cases and interdisciplinary themes related to the use of geothermal energy in different geological conditions will be organised for graduate and post-graduate students. These conferences will be an opportunity to present to the students the results obtained on the different aspects of the MEET project and to confront them with practical exercises using data from industrial geothermal energy projects currently underway in Europe. 

The lectures will be open to all interested CY Advanced Studies researchers.

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