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16.10.2018 - 17.10.2018

Conference organised par the center of research LERMA on 16th and 17th October, 2018 at La Maison Internationale de la Recherche
Coordinator: François Dulieu

After hydrogen, oxygen is the second most abundant reactive element. The reductionoxidation reaction is one of the pillars of chemistry, on Earth and in space. The present workshop focuses on the role and form of oxygen in astrophysical environments. During two days, the elusive presence of molecular oxygen in the Interstellar Medium and its unexpectedly high abundance in comets will be discussed. A session devoted to proxy molecules such as NO, SO and sulfur-substituted molecules will take place. The last part of the workshop will be devoted to the hydrogenated forms of oxygen (such as water and methanol), with a special attention to their deuterated isotopologues. Observational, modelling, and laboratory aspects will be included in the discussion.

The workshop will be located at the Maison Internationale de la Recherche in Neuville-sur-Oise, 45 minutes by train from the center of Paris (France).

The participation is free of fees and is limited to 60 participants, by order of registration which is open.

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Enquires and information: François Dulieu (francois.dulieu @

Venue: Maison internationale de la recherche, site de Neuville