Indranil Biswas

Presentation - 

Indranil Biswas is a professor at the School of Mathematics of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research at Mumbai. His topics of research include Algebraic Geometry,

Analytic Geometry, Topology and Mathematical Physics. He has more than five hundred publications in mathematical journals. He has collaborated with more than 160 mathematicians.

Research project -

The following works were done during the period of visit:

1. Automorphism group of principal bundles, Levi reduction and invariant connections.

This is jointly written with Francois-Xavier Machu (Cergy-Pontoise).

2. Principal co-Higgs bundles on the projective line. This is jointed written with

Oscar Garcia-Prada (ICMAT, Madrid), Jacques Hurtubise (McGill University)

and Steven Rayan (University of Saskatchewan).

3. Branched holomorphic Cartan geometry on Sasakian manifolds. This is jointly

written with Sorin Dumitrescu (Nice) and Georg Schumacher (Marburg).

(Two other works should be ready by the end of the week.)