Warwick University Grants

Rutherford Strategic International Fellowships


The University of Warwick is offering four fellowships for researchers from the Paris Seine COMUE (community of universities) to work in its departments.

These fellowships aim to promote partnerships between our two scientific communities, in connection with the Paris Seine Initiative of Excellence.

They will support researchers with positions in one of the member institutions of the COMUE who have less than 10 years postdoctoral experience.

Researchers who would like to apply for these fellowships are invited to contact the IEA (iea @ u-cergy.fr) as soon as possible.



  • 3 months (divisible) expected duration of stay
  • Fellows will be hosted in a Warwick University department, in connection with Warwick’s Institute of Advanced Studies
  • Applications are submitted by the relevant Warwick University departments
  • Declarations of interest from Paris Seine researchers are sent to Warwick by the UCP Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS)
  • £2,000 monthly stipend
  • £2,000 towards travel costs
  • Up to £3,000 research budget


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